Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Story Sites to Check Out

One of the questions that pops up most frequently in the e-mails I receive is 'What stories would you recommend?'

I often view this as a loaded question. Some people feel that since they like what I write, they will like what I read...I'm not 100% sold on that theory. Some of the stuff I enjoy is very similar to what I write. Younger, high school or college age characters, age appropriate realtionships, more romance, less nookie, rural settings...these are all things that I write and I like to read, but I do like the occasional hot and heavy story as well.

Let's start with where to find good stories.

I've posted a links list over there...

The first set of sites listed are those where my work can be well as many, many more stories.

Of course the 'Granddaddy' of Gay (Erotic) Fiction sites is The Nifty Archive. Over a decades worth of erotica. If you can't find something you like here, you're not looking.

My favorite site as a writer is GA: Gay Authors. I know the site can be a bitch to navigate, but the resources available to writers and the readers are really great. Readers can leave reviews on a whole story or on each chapter, this gives writers instant feedback and the feedback is pretty much the only compensation we get as writers.

More than 'just' a story site is It's Only Me From Across The Sea. This site is a wealth of information, story and resources for young gay men. While the stories will appeal to gay men (and not so gay men and women) of all ages, the site itself exists to help educate gay teens on sexual health and offers a forums section for advice and education. It was an honor to be asked to share my work on this site.

The most recent site I've been contributing to is A small story site with some great writers. One of the parts of this site I love is their use of the art of Mexican Illustrator, Areko Martiánez. I love the pencil drawing they have used for 'Riding Lessons' page.

There are many other sites out there for stories. Probably the one that most of us view as one of the best is This is one of the 'creme de la creme' sites, hosting some of the best authors out there.

I know everyone wants me to recommend specific writers and stories, but that will wait for another post.

Try exploring these sites, if you haven't checked them out before and let me know what you think or if there are any sites you check out that I haven't mentioned.



  1. This is funny! But, everyone should know better than to ask this as a writer who sometimes might not have time to read other's stories. Yes, I agree with you about the choice you've listed. Good Choices! I tend to search for gay writers that can write a picture in my mind from their stories. I mean, sex is great but not everyone have sex 24/7 but a good story is one who can create a real picture of its plot, characters, and locality. That's a story to me. What's sad though is when a writer sudden stop writing their story when it felt incomplete or way to long to never draws a conclusion at each chapter or completed story. If you want to read some great teen stories, I recommend "Then Mustard Jar" ( This author (Ronyx) is another great writer like you Andrew Todd.

  2. One site that I often forget about but that has really good stories and authors is Great little story site

    1. I agree is a very good story site. He actually hosts two of my favorite authors...Brew Maxwell, who wrote 'The Foley-Mashburn Saga' which is my all-time favorite story and Jeff Allen, who wrote "When Love Comes", "Finding Family" and many others.