Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Horses

I get a lot of e-mails asking about the horses in my stories. I mention several breeds and colors and most people are not familiar with them. Then I get those e-mails 'lecturing' me about incorrect information I give about them. The main issues some take with me is my reference to size. I often describe 'Onyx' as big or huge, to me it's all perspective, Zak is the smallest of the boys and he rides a big black horse. Every horse can seem huge to someone. Alot of it has less to do with the height of the horse and more the sheer size of the horse.

But, anyways, I've gone scouring the web to find pictures that best reflect the horses that I most frequently refer to in the stories. I thought visual aides might be helpful.

Of course, I have to start with Onyx, Zak's Freisian stallion.

Phoenix, Dusty's mustang.

Ash, Mattie's Andalusian.

Revanche, Spin's Warmblood.

Apollo, Zak & Dusty's Arabian gelding.

Angel, Danny's Arabian mare.

Whisper, CJ's Paint gelding.

Zephyr, the Arabian mare that Zak learned English riding with.

And here's a sneak preview of three new horses that will be part of the story. Can't tell you who's they are yet...

Dodger, _____'s black Arabian gelding.

Keystone, ______'s bay Thoroughbred.

Scout, _______'s Paint Pony.

Hope the visuals help everyone.

Tomorrow, Chapter Four of  'Lessons Learned' will be posted on and submitted to Nifty. The mystery of Danny's disappearance will start to be solved in this chapter.



  1. This made my day! I work with very disturbed children and families and the days are rewarding but intense. Reading about young gay men who love and support each other is great but seeing photos of the horse that inspire you is just fantastic. The images are full of raw energy, sort of like young guys, not quite grown up but well on the way. impulsive, daring and strong.

  2. Great to see what the horses look like, can't wait to read more of why danny dispeared, and now zak and danny, cj, and mattie will all be closer now since they will be family, same with dusty.

  3. Great visuals Andrew. Should help to explain a lot. Top story by the way Thoroughly enjoying it, and eagerly await each new chapter.

  4. And you're right to say that Onyx is a big horse: it's not all about height; he has some bulk to him.